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Our suite of FMS tools and resources are easy to use to Assess, Show, Teach and Activate kids’ fundamental movement skills.

In the video below, Olympian 60MKC Champions Karen Furneaux (Kayak) and Hugh Smith (Gymnastics) walk you through the process for using all of our tools, in particular our FMS Assessment Tool. While use of that video-based Assessment Tool – like all our tools – is free, open and requires no sign-in, we strongly suggest you sign-up to use the full 60 Minute Kids’ Club Assessment app (click to access the app now). Signing into the app allows you to create profiles for each of the kids you’re assessing and supporting through their FMS progression, keeping an ongoing record of their skills development.

To learn more about this, and how and why we created our tools and their supporting Assess Me / Show Me / Teach Me / Activate me methodologies, navigate to the About Our FMS Tools page. Otherwise, get started by watching the video below.  When you’re ready to view and use all our free tools, head over to our Tools page. To make the best use of our tools, head over to our app, complete the simple sign-up process, and start monitoring, recording and supporting the week-by-week, year-by-year development of your kids’ Fundamental Movement Skills, helping set them up for a lifetime of movement, experience and health.  Click here to access our FMS app.

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